A dedication to the victims of the Manchester Attack

Since coming to University in September Manchester has become a second home to me. The spirit of the city never fails to impress me and I am proud to be a part of such a bright, cultured and inspiring energy. Hearing about the recent attack at the Ariana Grande concert left me in a state of shock and so here is a small tribute from me in the form of writing to all those innocent lives lost that night. RIP ❤

On the 22nd of May 22 lives shone bright

On the way to what they thought would be a magical night

With songs in their hearts and stars in their eyes

Those innocent souls now reside in the sky

In rainy Manc, we work hard like the bee

And like the bee we will unite and stand equally

So this is for the boys and girls who will never again sing

Never be able to dream, for evil has ripped their wing

But our hearts don’t carry hate and we do not slander

For we are Manchester, and we don’t look back in anger.


Poem: The Refugee

I based this poem loosely on my mum’s experience of war and becoming a refugee during the Balkan wars in the 1990’s. However I feel as though this piece can be read and appreciated by anyone who has been affected by the horrors of war and the changes that come with it. 


At the end of my street stands the lamp post under which I had my first kiss,

The bombs wiped that lamp post away with just one hit.

The cafe opposite my school is where we’d skip class and cause trouble,

There’s nothing left of that cafe now but rubble.

That September I was to begin my University degree,

Instead I had become a refugee.

I packed enough clothes for two weeks away,

Who knew then I’d be gone for a decade.

The day I left my home the sky was shedding tears,

Bullet holes and raindrops mixed with people’s fears.

So there I stood, scared, in a new country all alone,

It was then that I realised I had no choice but to grow.

War is something you see in books and films,

It’s different when you know the people being killed.

It’s funny how they say time flies when you’re having fun,

For me it seemed as though time flew whilst on the run.